WW1 - The riders
Standard bearer
Cadre de Saumur
Sergeant of artillery
Dragon Officer
Captain of Zouave
Hussard en vedette
Moroccan soldier
This series of 1959 consists of 12 riders in 50 mm and 6 riders in 54 mm and all are of grey color. We do not know explanations as for the presence of 6 characters in 54 mm. There are two well molds.
As their pedestrian colleagues, the lacks are often very present. The most common trap is the absence of the sheath, sometimes on the rider, sometimes on the frame. Only the "Cadre de Saumur", the Moroccan soldier in the French army and the Spahi, do not possess it.
The rifle of the Hussar, with the intact extremity of its cannon, is a real ordeal to be found.
Verify finally the recollage of the bases of certain horses leaning only on 2 legs.