This 9th series a date of 1960. They are 60mm and not 54mm as most of the figures Mokarex. It is the most famous series and certainly the most produced. It has even a small place in the world of échéquistes.

In this chapter, you go to know how to recognize the diverse versions and the reeditions over time. It is moreover the series the most the most taken back in the advertising domain.

It is by this series that the collectors are going to discover strange names, as the "vougier", the" guisarmier" or still the "coustilleux". The latter had the nasty job to finish the wounded persons who were not worth a ransom. The Captain he, was a Noble.

At that time, the chess game was sent to a parcel containing two small solid boxes containing figures, as well as rules of the game. The latter will be modified in 1961 to announce "Tournoi Mokarex".

Against 30 centimes, you could obtain the color board to make the paint of these magnificent figures.
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