Man in arms N° 3
Duke of Tremouille
Duke of Gueldres
Man in arms N° 1
Man in arms N° 2
Bourguignon rider N°5

Series of 6 riders of 1961 50mm. Four are grapped originally. A number is engraved in the low back of the riders and the logo Mokarex is present on the posterior of the latter. The horse of the number 5 does not possess number on its base.

This series was conceived to present armors in the XVth century. It's necessary to know that the term " of armor " appeared to this period, the specialists name it: armor with flat. And when it are painted well, these figures can then take all their brightness, knowing that the heraldry is perfectly respected. In spite of the movement, it's easy to imagine a diorama representing a museum such the Invalides (Paris).

Anecdotally, Jeanne d'Arc on the stake, will say a prediction to Duke de Tremouille then present: " the last one of your generation will die burnt person! " And in 1933 the last one of " Trémouille " died in a fire in England...

Armors of the XVth century