Cavalry of the 1st Empire
Cuirassier Trumpet 1809
Dragon 1809
Cuirassier 1806
Grenader - Imperial Guard 1811
Polish lancer - Imperial Guard 1810
Hussar - Standard bearer 1805
Hussar 1806
Dragon Trumpet 1809
Guard of honour 1813
Hunter on horse - Imperial Guard 1805
Mameluk 1809
Carabiner 1809
Figure in 90 mm of the series of the bicentenary of the birth of the Emperor
Here are grouped both series of 12 riders of the cavalry of the 1st Empire. The first one, the grey and the most famous, date of 1956. The second totally identical, excepted the color, date of 1969. The latter will be completed by a Napoleon's magnificent figure on scale of 90 mm, to celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of the Emperor. Note that the latter is not engraved by the brand Mokarex.

During the acquisition of these figures, it is strongly recommended to locate well their state by beginning with the reins of horses, especially that of the cuirassier trumpet, followed by two small traps which we see practically never: the cord under the trumpet of the dragon trumpet and worse still, that on the knob of the sabre of the hunter on horseback.
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