Tooly Birds
Harry Handbrace
Marty Monkey Wrench
Paddy Paint Brush
Muggsie Mallet
Paul Pliers
Slugsy Spanner
Pat Power Drill
Oliver Oil Can
Harry Hammer
Charlie Chiselr
Georgie Grubbing Axe
Pete Penknife
Percy Pincer
Cuthbert Chopper
Tournevis Hibou
Sylvester Saw
This small funny and rare series of 16 " birds tools ", dates 1969 and its origin is Australian. The characters measure approximately 15mm. These birds exist each, in 12 colors, is 192 for a complete set!
Concerning the name of the characters, the Americans are going to opt for a "description" of the model, while the Australians are going to to take back the name which they possess in the television series they from which arise: " Toolies (or Tooly) Birds ".
The names of certain unknown birds are of Australian origin.
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