Scott Tracy
Lady Penelope
The Hood
Jeff Tracy
Very complete engraving under bases.
Advertising of 1966 Announcing the series with characters to cut
Advertising of 1966 for the figures
Click on the spaceship
For access to vehicules
Remember yourselves.... The Thunderbirds. These small puppets in them space vehicles and magnificent Lady Penelope in her pink Lincoln. The action takes place in 2026.
The television series is English and dates 1965 but will be broadcasted in France only in 1976.
Of Kellogg's England is going to offer 6 characters of the series in 1966 in "Sugar Smacks". But they will also bring out the Lincoln and the spaciaux machines of the series, next year.

The characters exist each in 4 colors: green, blue, yellow and red and in a scale of 54mm. It is unquestionably the theme the most appreciated by the English, American and Canadian. The quality of the animations is remarkable for period. So that, planned initially for the children, the adults are very fast going to monopolize of the series.