These three frogmen of 1957 were a real revolution in the field of the premium. The base is in fact the cork of a bowl in metal, where we poured a powder called Bakingsoda, by way of the bicarbonate of soda for soft drink, which diluted in the contact of the water. The effervenscence which got free of it, allowed to see the characters diving, swimming and surfacing.
7 colors are known to this day.
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To give a few actions to our divers, Of Kellogg offer at the same time, a submarine which moves forward and fires torpedoes towards another present: the boat which explodes. The whole by the same principle of the bicarbonate. The cold war could then begin.....
We can see the advertising of period
We can see the advertising of period Here
The republication of 1985
We do not change a winner team ! Of Kellogg republish a series of 3 new frogmen. The process is identical but this time capsules are plastic. Contrary to the advertising on the box, it was not seen by yellow or green characters yet.