Series Of American Kellogg's of 16 figures was made 1991. It will not go out in France, excepted the Scrooge McDuck taken back by Nestlé in 1991 and 1993 (to see the chapter Nestlé).
The characters arise from 4 American television series spread on Disney Channel: " The Disney Afternoons "
- Of Tale Spin (Great baloo)
- Gummi Bears
- Chip' Not Dale (Trick and Tap)
- Duck Tales (Scrooge McDuck)
Don Carnage and Baloo
Kit and Molly
Tummi and Sunni
Cubbi and Gruffi
Tale Spin
Grummi Bears
Chip and Dale
Uncle Scrooge band
Uncle Scrooge band
Chip and Dale
Monterey Jack and Gadget
Weddy and Uncle Scrooge
Louie and Gizmoduck
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Set by Kellogg's