1956 - 1957
Lady and the tramp
Disney 1991
Basket NBA 1997
The band 1987
Pop Snap Crackle
1989 and 1990
Star Wars 1999
Nody - 1952 et 1957
Years 59 et 94
Far West 1957
et 1958
Scots Guards - 1958
The black Cauldron
Robin Hood
Star Wars 2002
Olympics Games 1972
Toolie Birds 1969
Spacemen 1962
Thunderbirds 1966
Tony the Tiger 1991
Coco and his friends 1990
Teenie Weenie 1997
Darkwing Duck
The monsters (Catch)
Bobble Head 2003
Daffy Dawg 1971
The monsters (Sport)
Donkey Kong 1997
Little Bear 1995
Sooty et Sweet
Monsters in my
Pocket 1992
Funny Fringes 1967
The circus 1959
Soldiers of the world 1968
Space Age 1968
Crazy Train 1969
Living Zoo 1969
Neptune 1969
Crater Critters 1970
Robin Hood 2
Astronits 1971
Crazy Pirates 1971
Thingummyjigs 1974
Historicals busts

It is in 1884 when Mr. John Harvey Kellogg invents Corn Flakes. But it is in 1900, associated with his brother Will Keith, that will be born Kellogg's logo.
The series proposed by figures or the other, evoke especially the sport, the tonic effect and the joy of living.

They are the collections of tomorrow. For lack of washing powder, it is in cereal that it is necessary to look for them. The panel is immense, as it was the one packages of coffee. This time it is not the history which outdoes, but the heroes of comic strips, the serials, the sport and of course the heroes of Walt Disney.

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Popperdolls 1972