The Foreign Legion
Editions Hachette pays tribute to these exceptional soldiers, so much recognized and appreciated in the world.

The Foreign Legion
is a corps of the French Army created in 1831 under Louis Philippe to incorporate foreign soldiers. Its recruitment is independent in comparison with the other armed forces in France. Its fame will inspire films, books, music and a real fascination of many collectors.

This series of 150 figurines allows to discover the multiple facets of the legionnaires in time, which is certainly the most complete collection of figurines concerning these soldiers.

The Legion’s pitch is set at 88 per minute (120 steps per minute for the general regime and 140 steps per minute for alpine and foot hunters). This cadence is inherited from the pace of displacement of the armies of the Old Regime and the Empire, including the Hohenlohe Regiment, of which the Foreign Legion has maintained many traditions.
Legio Patria Nostra
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