Marshal of the Empire, Generals and historical figures
This is one of the most important and magnificent collections of the great figures of the 1st Empire. They come from the King and Country brand and are all hand painted.
The figurines come from existing paintings, statues and drawings and will be a real art gallery in your showcases!

It is a pity that the Editions Del prado is not continuing their momentum by the great English, Austrian and Russian figurines.

Issue #1 is dedicated to Marshal Ney, the “Brave of the Valiant” (1769-1815). The outfit worn by the Marshal is inspired by the one immortalized by the painter Yvon, the gun in his hand during the Russian retreat.
For subscribers to this collection, two figures are offered with numbers 4 and 5:
Grenadier on foot and Napoleon the 1st asleep the day before the battle of Austerlitz.

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