The flowers of the evil...

They are many flowers, roses more précisement, that Robespierre on this figurine likes. The inspirator of the "terror" liked the cut flowers.

He was received in 1786, by the literary company Rosati which rented the roses excessively. Robespierre puts back to, them a small text written by the hand of which here is a short extract:

" The rose grows for all the men, But everything the men are not made to feel her charms "

What is misleading, except for the paradox, it's the way the bouquet of which it holds. We could believe that he holds a handkerchief. It's true that Robespierre often had bleedings of nose and the fever. But not, they are many roses... But in his hand the handkerchief is very present in the right hand.

The mystery is raised, it's the important...

Lawyer and politician.
Called " the incorruptible "
Sensitive and poetic, he loved the roses....