Listening to the comments of Mister Guy Boucher, Foreman at the Printing office for Mokarex to Epinay from 1967 to 1981, I was able to imagine the atmosphere of this true 'city in a city'.

The factory was huge. Employees could even rent an apartment there.

The Director, Mister Maurice Moire, dead at 90, arrived in the morning in his enormous American car, and careful those who parked ibefore his spot!

Its demanding nature made the adventure possible. Imposing an irreproachable cleanliness in workshops,
training workers with senior workers rather than diplomas in order to preserve continuity... He also asked for flexibility a lot, no way you could just jerk off; the mason became a warehouseman and unloaded packages of unroasted coffee if needed.

Everything was planned, even a garage for vehicles, maintenance workshop, printing office, 3 coffee merchants, warehouse for the unroasted coffee,  room for packaging, etc.

Note in the passage, that the place where was built the factory was a field of leeks!!

Guy Boucher

Guy Boucher is all about printing. He worked 14 years on a offset machine of 5 colors and printed 100.000 boxes a day! There were 7 different boxes.

The room where Mokarex figurines were coming from was Mister Moire's pride. No way you could enter without a very good reason or  an authorization there.

7 to 8 women managed by a Foreman took care particularly of boxing Mokarex figurines.

There was no free distribution for workers, which suggest that all figurines were well-counted and that this registration of editions still exists somewhere. I hope one day I'll be able to provide it on this site.

The Offset machine 5 colors
A visit at Mokarex