Opposite the re-edition of the chess game by the company Bret' Hist. The bottom of the base does not possess brand.
In 1969, the CapiƩpa company produces a board game: " Failure to the Knights ", constituted by figures of the chess game Mokarex version Bret' hist.
We find 5 Dukes of Bourbon, 5 Dukes d' Uytkerke, 12 vougiers grey and 12 golden captains.
In the 90s, the Editions Atlas proposes, the chess game Mokarex in metal. All the major parts are present and pawns are represented by 12 halberdiers on one side and vougiers 12 of the other one.
In 2010, the Company Effigies, current owner of the brand for figurines and documents, released a bazaar version in semi-hard plastic, accompanied by a board in flexible cardboard.