Of whom are really drawings and sketches conceived for the realization of figurines Mokarex? He is certain from now on that these works are of Pierre Albert Leroux, excepted many items of cavalry, due to their drawing of origin, are of Lucien Rousselot. We can definitively rule out M. Eugène Lelièpvre.

How was a figurine Mokarex designed?

Concerning the great names of history later than the series of the Revolution, figurines were produced to leave masterpieces or Statues. As for the soldiers; pedestrians and riders, etc. They were chosen on likely catalogs or publications (postcards, watercolors) of the painter of the armies Pierre Albert Leroux (died in 1959) as well as those of Monsieur Lucien Romelot, also painter of the armies.
No information on the chess set for the moment.

In both cases, pencil drawings on 2 or 4 faces and colored, were then made. They were validated by the mark(brand), to be then sent to the engravers.
Here are some drawings of catalog, sketches or definitive of figurines Mokarex.

Creation of a figurine Mokarex
Dragon Trompette -
horse not reserved
Garde d'honneur
raider not reserved
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