Non-commissioned officer of Dragons of the 25th Regiment (173)
Desk with maps (160)
Prince Murat (163)
Servant of the Emperor (164)
Laquais debout une bouteille à la main (170)
Knelt down lackey stretching out a plate(172)
Leather case containing of the dishes (171)
Aide-de-camp of Murat (159)
General Lassale in uniform of 7th Hussars (174)
Grenadier to feet of the Guarding (175)
Driver of the train of the Crews of the Guarding (168)
Van of serviceof the Emperor (169)
Horse assistant (166)
Hitched horse (165)
Before Attack !
Seated Napoleon 1st (162)
Drum and hat
of the Emperor (161)
Avant-train (167)