Michèle Morgan, our beautiful actress, is represented as Marie-Antoinette in the Revolution series of Mokarex. This figurine was engraved according to the eponymous movie, directed in 1955 by Jean Delannoy.

The position of the queen is taken from the scene where
Marie-Antoinette is in Versailles, on a balcony, holding the banister, with the Dauphin next to her.

Axel de Fersen, Fouquier-Tinville and certainly the other characters of the series are also taken from this movie.

This is also Mokarex story

It is interesting to understand how Mokarex figurines were made.
It finally confirms rumours telling that engravers chose the name of a character from Paris streets at random.
Very fortunate will be the one who will find the street Charlotte Corday...