The slogan was: "the laughter is unique to man! The seriousness is unique to cow!". This brand dates from 1926 and lasted 33 years. The "Jura Village" dates from 1959, when the company lost a trial against "La Vache qui rit", which will cause a change in the name: "La Vache Grosjean".

An attempt to relaunch the village, but in plastic this time and under the Label Grosjean, was made but unsuccessfully, because of the quality of the objects (picture 3 and 5).

But "La vache sérieuse", it is above all things big series on diverse themes: inhabitants, jobs, planes, sport, car, cycling, etc... We can adapt completely some characters in the Jura village.

Grosjean also took out a crib, a series of "Racing cars" and the Chineses Figurines (see Café Maurice).

Picture 3 - New version of the village
Picture 5
Picture 1 - Inside of one protects book sleeves
Picture 2 - Fireman
Board and assembling instructions.
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Blottin Papers
The Crib
Racing Cars
Picture 4 Chinese figure