The first one will thus be, Fouquier-Tinville with its famous feather. It's of course, Mr. Rodolphe Vern, Director of the factory and his technical Person in charge Mr. Antoine Ouin, that had to at first clean with precaution the imprint of origin, knowing that this mould is big and very hollow, with a number of hallucinating details. Test then diverse subjects to take out a real first try. The chosen color, identical to the prototypes of provinces half-round works, allows to highlight details, I leave you judge of the photo above of the face in close-up.

Imagine afterward the standard bearer of the second Empire, Berlioz, Fragonard, paint the series Ivanhöe while protecting your originals, etc.... Brilliant not? The tests continue of course, but I liked in your to announce this piece of news which I hope for it, will seduce you.

When talking about the Fouquier-Tinville figurine by Mokarex, the answer is "boarf, pfff yes but that one.... Mouarf!". In addition, if a collector owns it or makes a feather, even very resembling, it is out of the question to paint it, isn't it?

That is why the Effigies company decided, thanks to the know-how of the factory C.P.D.N. specialized in plastic, to perform some tests on the very scarce Mokarex figurines, so that all passionate people for this brand can, one day, have a copy of it, and so that the figurines painters can finally paint it, completely!