Round and Half-round
Round Figures
Model in half-round
Round is sculptor's term dating several centuries. By definition, a sculpture in round is a representation the tour of which we can make contrary to a half-round.
This termtaken back for figures. Quite characters possessing a base is considered as one round. In example famous first put into series Mokarex whom we qualified wrongly as half-round and which makes it are not it. These terms have nothing to do with the size or the thickness.

The example opposite to the left shows a sculpture in real half-round.

And dishes will say yourselves me! We call " dishes ", the figures which have only an engraved face. We can then call them half-round because they are intended to be placed against a support and always on the same side. The most striking example of the half--rounds bump are bas-reliefs sculptured on and in monuments, such as churches etc...
In figures Ancel can be considered as half-round works.