Publishing year: 2008
Publishing : Per week (2 figurines by sending)
Number of parts: 52

Total cost for the collection: 850 €

Figurines: 54mm
Manufacturer: King & Country
Country of manufacturer: China

Booklet: Paths of the War of Secession
Locomotive "The General" N-scale
Reproduction of a canvas: The heroic charge 20th Reg. of Intantry of Maine
A filing cabinet for the storage of papers

Others countries: England, Italy, Spain

Code: GSCxxx
This series of 56 references, including the cannons to be assembled, brings together the soldiers of the American secession war.
Del Prado will then take over the entire series and join it to the great adventure of the West.
The problem is, the figurines will be scattered among cowboys and Indians and subscribers will not be able to sort.
Due to a supply problem, Del Prado will offer subscribers 2 figurines from the western adventure series to apologize for the delay. There remains a beautiful collection spanning the four years of civil war.
Many thanks to Etienne Egly who made it possible to gather all this series on this site