This 2002 collection on the theme of the Samurai is very complex to put together. There seem to be 76 references, but one remains a mystery. In addition, their reference starts with Samxxx and the brand Samex has also released a collection on Samurai with similar references. It is also necessary to know that according to the countries, we find for years in other collections Del prado like "Medieval Warrior"
This rider would exist but impossible to find the horse, nor his name. For some large figurines, several collectors or sellers define them as Del prado, while the brand is not written under the base. Many attribute this mark on all kinds of metal figures without engraving.k.
The so-called variant of SAM004 is not part of this series but of that of the Middle Ages
The fact remains that a fabulous collection of these fantastic warriors who made the greatness of Japan, this wonderful country we can still hear the breath of the Katanas...
Did you know?: The helmet of the Samurai inspired the helmet of Darth Vader in the film Star wars.