As beautiful as this series is, its numbering remains a great mystery.

The figurines all carry a number on their case and identical for all countries.
Initially (see opposite) 2 figurines were offered. The legionnaire bears the number SRM000 and the SRM001 becomes the Carthagenois rider and not the Gaulish rider.

2nd mystery: The numbers SRM038 and SRM039 apparently do not exist. On the other hand, instead of 100 figurines, there are in the end 105 of which perhaps the famous Gaulois rider planned at the beginning. But did the latter come out well with this collection? No trace of his number SRMxxx. It is only found in the collection of the cavalry. To be followed

All existing parts are well represented here. It should be noted, however, that some riders are included in the series "History of the Cavalry". Del Prado often practiced this policy, causing duplication.
Publishing year: March 2011
Publishing: Monthly magazine grouped with 3 figurines
Provided: 50 since 105
Number of parts: unknow

Total collection: 1499 €

Figurines: 54mm (Lead - tin)
Country of manufacturer: China

- 1st volume of book: Rome and his enemies
- Colour map of the Empire

Code SRMxxx

Others countries: Italy , Spain, France
Roma and his enemies