The crib
It must be admitted that Editions Del Prado will hit a big blow by launching this magnificent crib in 1999. Orders will last more than 8 years!
As beautiful as the scale is, the characters are about 11 to 12 cm and the Magi 20 cm, so much it was necessary to dedicate a large part of a room and provide a place of consequent storage...
The collection remains faithful to the original one created by José Luis Mayo except for some details on some constructions, such as the mill which was simplified.
Unlike most cribs, the author tried to create a "historical" side in addition to that of religion.

Because of this scale, the interested parties will prefer to make a selection in the characters, the child Jesus arriving only in the 79th issue. To counter this problem, Del Prado will propose the purchase by scene that you can discover on this site.
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José Luis Mayo was born in 1941 in Toledo (Spain). He opened his small workshop in 1977. With a technique close to perfect, it is a fast success and orders arrive from all over the world.
It is even written in the book of records for the realization of the largest crib ever realized, that of Bancaja.

He now has the title of Traditional Master Modeller.

Publishing year: 1999
Publishing:Per week
Number of parts: 80 + 24

Total count collection: Unknown

Figurines: 120mm (Alabaster powder)
Country of manufacturer: Spain

Other countries of issue: Spain, Italy, Deutchland

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