Since October 2007, Del Prado has been publishing a new encyclopaedic collection, «L'Histoire de la Cavalerie», the third part of the «Grands Cavaliers de l'Histoire en figurines». The first two parts are the «Knights and Soldiers of the Middle Ages» and «Horsemen of the Napoleonic Wars».
This new collection of 80 riders, offers only the periods before, intermediate or subsequent to those of the two collections already available. It was tested in March 2006 in France and, in addition to the French edition, in England from September 2007.

The English edition
We present you only the first four papers of this edition, whose figurines are other than those of France:
Troop man, cavalry from Marlborough to Blenheim in 1704 (Issue #1)
German Cavalier of the 1st Cavalry Division, Russia 1941 (Issue no. 2)
Private 4th Light Dragoons, Balaclava 1854 (Issue 3)
Maréchal de Turenne, Battle of the Dunes 1658 (Issue 4)

The number 70 is marked by a hole in the rider’s right hand. It is a lack of origin and what it is supposed to hold does not exist. So you have the choice of weapons !

Original case
Access to figurines
The pictures and texts of this series are the exclusive property of Jean-Claude Piffret, whom I thank for his precious help