AEG000 - Priest in Anubis
AEG001 - Table of mummification
AEG003 - Mummy
AEG008 - Pharaoh
AEG009 - Chariot of war
AEG010 - Right horse
AEG011 - Letf horse
AEG004 - Base of the stage 1
AEG005 Embalmer and strips
AEG012 - Charioteer
AEG013 - Base of the stage 2
AEG014 - Seller of amphoras
AEG006 - Canopy vases + case
AEG007 - Wheel of the chariot
AEG015 - Base of the stage 3
AEG116 - AEG117 - AEG118
3 amphoras including a small one
AEG115 - Amphoras of fermentation open
AEG114 - Amphoras of fermentation
AEG113 - Base of the stage 12
AEG112 - Help brewer closing the amphorae
AEG111 - Brewer pouring yeast
AEG110 - Jar of fermentation
AEG100 - Left Side Worker (2)
AEG101 - Left Side Worker (3)
AEG102 - Right Side Worker (1)
AEG103 - Right Side Worker (2)
AEG104 - Right Side Worker (3)
Help brewer
AEG106 - Base of the stage 11
AEG107 - Vessel of brewing
AEG108 - Brewer in the vessel
AEG109 - Brewer who mixes
Vizier Judge
AEG092 - Accused or defender
AEG093 - Scribe
Guard escort
AEG095 - Base of the stage 10
Table of Justice
AEG097 - Limestone block on fardier
AEG098 - Foreman
AEG099 - Left Side Worker (1)
AEG081 - Base of the stage 8
AEG082 - Throne of Osiris
AEG083 - Column
AEG084 - Throne of Horus
AEG085 - Painter preparing a coating
AEG086 - Painter of outlines
AEG087 - Painter with a ruler
AEG088 - Painter on the knees
AEG089 - Base of the stage 9
AEG090 - Wall to be decorated
AEG071 - Base of the stage 7
AEG072 - Table with
2 pots
AEG073 - Harpist woman
AEG0074 - Thôt with Ibis head
AEG075 - Hawkhead Horus
AEG076 - Anubis with dog head
AEG077 - Seth with donkey head
AEG078 - Khnoum with ram head
AEG079 - Judged deceased
AEG080 - Osiris
AEG064 - Player of lute
AEG063 - Harp of the musician
AEG062- Sick chld
AEG065 - Double Flute Player
AEG066 - Dancer arms up
AEG067 - Harpist
AEG0068 - Dancer acrobat
AEG069 - Musician in the Oboe
AEG070 - Dancer lowered arms
AEG057 - Pratician
AEG058 - Mother of the sick child
AEG059 - Assistant of remedies
AEG060 - Bed of the sick child
AEG061 - Wall
AEG056 - Lot of 5 amphoras
AEG055 - Leopard skins
AEG054 - Stall seller of amphoras
AEG052 - Young guard of gooses
AEG053 - Base of the stage 6
AEG051 - Covered for leopard skins and tusks
AEG050 - Buyer of leopard skins
AEG049 - Leopard Skin Merchant
AEG048 - Buyer of amphoras
AEG047 - Egyptian guard
AEG046 - Woman in the amphora
AEG045b - Amphora for carriers
AEG038 - Syrian trader
AEG037 - Roof of the canopy
AEG039 - Egyptian with the merchant
AEG040 - Egyptian youth and elephant tusks
AEG041 - Donkey with baskets
AEG042 - Cretan trader
AEG043 - Carrier of amphora in front of
AEG044 - Carrier of back amphora
AEG045a - Tarder of fruits
AEG036 - Base of the stage 5
AEG035 - Royal sculpture
AEG034 - Resting stone cutter
AEG033 - Painter mixing paint
AEG032 - Pharaoh Fan Holder
AEG de 027 to 031 Papyriform columns 1, 2, 3 and 4
AEG027 - Standing painter
AEG025 - Throne of the Queen
AEG019 - AEG026 Echaffaudages
( part 1 and 2 )
AEG020 - Seated Pharaoh
AEG021 - Queen's Fan Holder
AEG022 - Stonemason
AEG023 - Base of the stage 4
AEG024 - Royal wife
AEG018 - Senior Construction Manager
AEG017 - Throne of the Pharaoh
AEG016 - Fruits and vegetables


This collection is published in early 2006, it reproduces scenes from ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs. These scenes deal with several themes, everyday life, religious and civil customs and customs, and a military scene.
These 54 mm scale figurines are strongly inspired by the kits of the Spanish manufacturer El Viejo Dragon who ensures the design of the masters used for the production of series in the People’s Republic of China

This collection has 117 characters spread over 100 booklets, which make it possible to make twelve scenes.
The figurines are cast in lead and the decorations, the bases and the accessories are made of resin.

On the brochure presenting the collection, attached with Issue No. 1, the project seems more ambitious. Are announced scenes that will not be commercialized, such as the preparation of the papyrus, a boat on the Nile, the guardians of the temple, hunting or the enthronement of the Pharaoh, in addition to the twelve editions.

Warning: The pieces shown here are not all of the same scale for the purposes of the layout