Louis XIV Guard Musketeer (Test 1 – Paper 1)
The test, head down horse and left front leg up, rider head and bust straight front. Overall, this figure is leaner and smaller than that of the French edition, including the horse with the head up and the right leg up, the rider with the head and the bust turned to the right. The terrace is more detailed.
Photo 1 – Louis XIV Musketeer, left French edition #1 and right the test.

Oran Regiment Spahi circa 1900 (Test #2 – Paper #2)
The test, horse brown brown, brown red upholstery and paint details of the rider more precise, two chevrons on the sleeves and braids finer and larger. The French edition, brown horse, dark brown upholstery and rider with a chevron on the sleeves and less marked braids. The terrace is also more detailed.
Photo 2 – Orange Regiment Spahi, left French edition #2 and right the test.

1862 Southern Army Cavalry Captain (Test #3 – Paper #22)
The test, light brown horse, legs and head in more basic and raised tail positions, brown saddlery, light grey saddle mat. Thinner rider, no jacket and a straighter bust. The French edition, dark brown horse, head and front legs higher and tail lower, black saddlery, blue saddle mat. The rider has a stronger body, a jacket with yellow siding, a gun case and a belt covering the sword. The stirrups are also different, as are the terraces.
Photo 3 – Southern cavalry captain, left French edition #3 and right the test.

Thessalonian Cavalry Officer about 300 B.C. (Test 4 – Issue 5)
The test, light grey horse more upright with right tail and brown harness. Rider, larger purple cape, silver helmet, light blue coat, shorter silver sword and lance formed with an iron rod. The French edition, dark grey horse with gallop, front legs more folded, with curved tail and brown harness. Smaller base with a tree trunk. Rider dark blue cape less loose, helmet gold, purple coat, golden glaive and spear molded lead with the arm.
Photo 4 – Cavalier thessalien, left French edition #5 and right the test.

The Test in France

The test dates from the beginning of 2006 and the theme of this collection is the great riders of history.
Available are the Musketeer of the Guard of Louis XIV (#1), the spahi of the Oran Regiment around 1900 (#2), the Cavalry Captain of the Southern Army of 1862 (#3) and the Thessalonian Cavalry Officer about 300 B.C. (#4).
These four figurines, broadcast almost confidentially (two cities in France), have some differences compared to those of the French Collection of 2007.
We indicate these differences so that we can identify them: